Our Story

In 2010, Pierson Krass started Krass & Co. in a Lehigh University dorm room. Pierson founded the company after becoming inspired to improve upon the somewhat boring athletic shorts that dominated the market - he wanted to create activewear that would both look good, and make you feel good. In creating this first pairs of athletic shorts, Pierson combined coastal themed prints and high-end materials. Friends, classmates, and family all joined in on the fun and what started as a class project turned into a small brand.

After recognizing that the community Krass & Co. had built was something special, Pierson took a leave from school and hired the brand’s first employee. Since we took that first step back in 2013 we have grown tremendously, but our beliefs are still the same.

Krass & Co. designs clothing that inspires. We inspire uniqueness with our boldness. We inspire a healthy, active lifestyle with our function. We inspire confidence because you look good and feel good. We don’t want you to have to sacrifice comfort to show off who you are.

The “Co.” In “Krass & Co.” has always stood for “community”. Our customers are our friends and our peers - our community. We go above and beyond to offer quality products, and service that we would want for ourselves. Creating the best version of yourself enriches the life of everyone around you.

Krass & Co. still calls Bethlehem, PA, home; however, you can find us in 150+ select specialty stores across the country and on campuses everywhere!

Check out what's going on @krassandco